Lovely memories, old and new.

Funniest puppy – young Peri (love child of Pippin & Tino) listening to sounds on the computer 😀



Social day out in Wollongong with other lagotto and their people 🙂



My daughter, Jordy, and I had so much fun making this Happy New Year video 🙂



Bon (B Litter) waiting for a gust to chase leaves. He loved the leafblower too 🙂



Always playful.. Mimi & Bon having a wrestle.



Yes, they will still swim in Winter lol



Bon from the B Litter – his first show at 5 months.



Beautiful girl, Pronto.



Pronto decided to climb a tree and I happened to have my phone lol



Darling Griff (A Litter) demonstrating the roan colouring 🙂



Home day with babies from the B Litter.



Bliss from the B Litter – 2 months old



Young Mimi’s first show 🙂



B Litter – 1 month old



B Litter – 4 weeks old



B Litter 🙂



Three month old Artie (A Litter) learning how to dig from his mum, Pronto 🙂



2 month old A Litter



Parity Absolute Arturo enjoying his food.



My darling boys from the A Litter 🙂



Our gorgeous little boy, Tino, who came all the way to Australia from his breeder, Kristina Gustafsson, in Sweden.  This is him when he was in quarantine, waiting to come home to us.



This is Lila, our first Lagotto.. away on holidays, chilling in the pool 🙂