16th May 2020

There are no puppies available at this time. Our next litter is being planned now, and, if all goes well, we will have puppies at the end of 2020.


We have decided to retire & place into the perfect pet home, our gorgeous girl, Yak (Aust Ch Duoforza Yolanda). This decision has not come lightly as she is a much loved member of our kennel. Her breeding days are now over, and she has been a wonderful asset to our breeding program. Our preference is always to retire the girls to loving homes as early in their lives as is possible so that they can enjoy all of the joys of living with their very ‘own’ family.

Our dogs are kept in the house with us as family members, so Yak is completely accustomed to every aspect of family life, and was very solidly toilet trained from puppyhood by Jordy.

Yak is a cuddly, gorgeous girl with a very gentle nature and loving temperament. She is great with children and people. She was born on the 18.5.2018 so still has plenty of years ahead of her 🙂

Jordy has spent the most time with Yak – she had her in Adelaide from when she was 10 weeks old, up until she flew back to Sydney to be mated and have her little litter.

She had a lovely and successful showing career, gaining her Australian Championship with ease, and loved meeting new people out at the shows (and occasionally bunny-hopping around the ring out of pure excitement) 🙂

She has been DNA swabbed, and tested negative for all hereditary diseases common in the Lagotto. Yak received excellent hip and elbow scores, and has had her patellas checked and they are sound. She is a compact, athletic, lightweight girl (easily scooped up with one arm) and has a relatively easy-care coat compared to some Lagotto as it’s a bit softer and finer.

She has always lived indoors with us and has often slept in a crate overnight with or alongside the other dogs. Although she is crate trained, she can get impatient being away from her people which can result in barking/whining quite early in the morning – she is much happier sleeping on a human’s bed 🙂

She does have quite a strong hunting instinct (and really wanted to eat Jord’s cat while she lived there) – therefore definitely not suitable if you have/plan on getting cats or indoor pocket pets etc. Yak has been lovely with all of the dogs living with us in both Sydney and Adelaide and quickly becomes friends with them. She has done basic obedience and quite enjoyed it. Being so excited when out, she sometimes can “switch off” her brain a bit in public places. This tends to result in her pulling on her lead on walks – we believe that with time and training this could improve 🙂 Another thing to think about – she most likely would not be suitable to let off leash as her nature is to wander off and not come back until she’s ready – lol. She does have a bit of a sensitive tummy which is easily managed with a stable diet of premium kibble. She also quite enjoys protecting the family with frequent trips out into the backyard to bark at anything she thinks is a threat, so she often needs to be kept inside (especially after dark) to stop this.

Our preference for Yak is that she goes to a home where someone is home most of the time. This is what she is accustomed to and the type of home we believe she would thrive in. Other dogs in the home are ok, she enjoys her friends at home – not essential though.

She will be desexed before going to her new home. We can discuss time frames with you – she currently has babies who will be 8 weeks next week and off on their own adventures 🙂 Yak will be the same price as a puppy, which is currently $3,500.

Due to the current situation with Coronavirus, we are only looking at homes in NSW as that is where she is located currently.

Please email us in the first instance with your expression of interest: