Do you health test?

Yes, we do everything that we can to ensure that our dogs are sound and healthy.  Please see the individual pages for each of our dogs for their health results.  More information can be found about the issues that can arise in our breed under the tab “Health”.

Are Lagotto “hypoallergenic”?

The short answer is no, they are not.  Click here to read more about this myth.

Have dogs from your kennel ever… ?

We get questions about different activities and can safely say that we’ve had dogs doing such things as:

  • showing
  • obedience
  • agility
  • flyball
  • tracking
  • dock diving
  • nose work
  • service dogs
  • therapy dogs

Is a Lagotto Romagnolo the right breed for me?

The Lagotto is a very attractive dog who looks like a teddy bear.  They have many positive attributes but can also be challenging.  They can be absolutely perfect for some and not right at all for others.

As a working breed they can be extremely high energy.  We do notice that there is a very broad range of dogs within our breed – from couch potato to energizer bunny and pups within this spectrum can be born in the same litter.  Mostly, as breeders, we can tell what we are looking at after spending so much time raising the little guys.  Mostly.

Lagotto puppies can be a real handful for as long as 18 months whilst they are growing up.  Some are destructive, some are obsessed with dirt, some are obsessed with water, some are little angels.  They know how to push boundaries and really need firm leadership from their family.  It is sometimes tempting to humanize their behaviour and label them as naughty, but they are just doing what comes naturally and need us to guide them to become the best adult they can.  They are extremely clever and can find loopholes to get around our rules – from puppyhood you must start as you wish to continue, as they do not forget your lapses.  Often we see the ‘adult’ appear almost overnight as they mature.  Occasionally we don’t and they stay puppy like for much longer and continue to test limits.

They are a sensitive and extremely intuitive breed and require a lot of socialization throughout their lives.  As an ancient breed their body language and approach can be a little different and they take things to heart.

Grooming is an aspect of the Lagotto that needs to be considered as well.  As a low shedding dog they will need to be groomed for their entire life.

Lagotto are super loving and adore their humans above all else, many people swear they are the best dogs in the world.

Research is key, the best decisions are informed decisions.  Buying a puppy is a big thing – a dog is a long term commitment.

Before buying a dog you should talk carefully with other family members to ensure that everyone is on board.  Puppies are hard work and need a lot of time and energy from you and your family to ensure that they learn what is expected of them, they are properly socialised, and are equipped to grow into the kind of dog that you imagine they should be.

Do you ever have adults available for rehoming?

Adults can become available at times. They will be listed on the website “Available” page and on Facebook.

Do you keep a waiting list for puppies?

No. We have found that because we don’t breed all that often, an ongoing waiting list has little value because the list becomes dated and those on it may have changed circumstances in the meantime.  Litter sizes and the sexes are of course unknown as well.  We start an “interested in the upcoming litter” list once we have a confirmed pregnancy.  It is not a race to get on this list as puppies are not usually allocated until they are around 6 to 7 weeks of age.

Do you send pups interstate?

Depending on the personality of the puppy, yes we do.  Some puppies are perfectly fine with air travel and bounce out of their crates to meet their new owners.  Others who we decide are more reserved are better suited to being collected.

How will we know when you will be expecting pups?

The website and our Facebook page will be updated after we have a confirmed pregnancy and we will then suggest that you contact us to express your interest.

We update our Facebook page regularly with photos and videos of the litter as the babies grow.

How long is a canine pregnancy?

From the date of the first mating, we can count roughly 63 days until the birth.  When progesterone testing is used as a tool in finding the perfect timing for the mating the birth date is more accurate also.

Do the puppies come with ANKC papers?

Yes. ANKC (Australian National Kennel Club) papers which show the pedigree of the dog and are recognized world-wide.

There are two types of papers.

Main Registration – this is for puppies who will perhaps compete in ANKC Conformation shows that require them to be entire (undesexed), and will possibly be used for breeding in the future.

Limited Registration – this is for puppies who are going to pet homes, and will not be used for breeding purposes.

We normally place puppies on the Limited Register.  We are open to discussion about Main Registration in certain circumstances.

Are the puppies microchipped and vaccinated?

Yes. Our puppies are wormed regularly throughout their time with us.  At seven weeks of age they are fully vet checked, microchipped and given their first vaccination.

Can we choose our puppy?

With every litter that we breed our objective is to find a terrific example of the Lagotto breed to stay with us, probably become a show dog, and possibly continue our lines.  This takes lots of time spent playing with the puppies, handling them, grooming and bathing them, and generally getting to know every puppy from nose to tail.  This of course benefits every single baby, but really helps us in our process.  This decision can sometimes be made by around six weeks, but sometimes it requires us to ‘run on’ a couple until they are older so that we can be sure of our choice.

Whilst we are getting to know these little ones as we live with them and raise them, we are finding out ‘who’ they are and what type of family they might fit best.  This is the main way in which we place our puppies.  We find out from you what you are looking for in a dog and we try to match you (also taking into consideration your preferences for colour or sex).  Sometimes there is more than one pup that might suit you – in this case we will present to you what we know from our interactions with the little ones and let you have your preference.

We know it is challenging waiting to know whether there will be a puppy suitable for you, and which puppy is yours, but we really appreciate your patience and will do our best to give you the best outcome.

At what age do the puppies go to their new homes?

Usually at 8 weeks of age.  Sometimes the pups will be less mature than other litters and may need to stay for a little longer.

Can we meet the parents?

The mother will be living with us and she will be with her babies for the duration of the litter, so you can definitely meet her.

We do not force weaning, we like mum to indicate when she’s done and slow them down naturally herself as they start to eat solids.  We find that the girls really enjoy their kids and will often continue to ‘comfort’ feed them right up until they depart to start their new lives.