Duoforza Lila


Duoforza Lila

Ch. Tartufo Janisto “Humphrey”   x   Duoforza Coco

Born:  8.3.2008

Colour:  Brown

Bite:  Scissor

Height: 43cm

Lila was our first lagotto, a delightful little lady.  We did obedience together and she had the best recall, even from football fields away 🙂   We went to a couple of shows, but it wasn’t that much fun for her.  She loved our beach holidays away and she loved the kids. Playing fetch was big with her.  Swimming was her other great love, although she never put much effort in – mostly just floating around and steering 🙂

Unfortunately her hip scores weren’t ideal so breeding wasn’t on the cards for her.  She did confirm for me that the lagotto was the breed of dog for me.

Lila retired to live in a household with another lagotto girl and be the most adored, spoiled little princesses.

*Beautiful Lila passed away in 2019*