Hesiodos Kiss Me Quick


Hesiodos Kiss Me Quick (Imp SWE)

Scheffelfaltets Detto Kevin   X    Hesiodos Andora Assi

Born:  16.2.2009

Colour:  White with orange

Bite:  Scissor

Height:  43cm

HD:  A

BFJE:  Clear

Pronto came to us as a 12 week old puppy in 2009 from Dorota Gustafsson of Hesiodos Kennel in Sweden.  Thanks to Dorota’s careful breeding, and also vigilance with regard to health, Pronto is a beautiful and affectionate girl who is free of both Juvenile Epilepsy and HD. I will always be grateful to Dorota for sending Pronto, as well as Hannah Pettersson for translating between us 🙂

Pronto has a very gentle nature and is a very cuddly and loving dog.  She is very active and loves to run, play ball, play with water, swim and dig holes.

Her nose is excellent and she can easily find the ‘truffles’ hidden for her as mental stimulation.  Pronto is always busy and rarely still if she is awake. She has been known to climb trees.  She has the most amazing determination and if she sets her mind on something she will find a way. Pronto can open sliding doors and really enjoys the foam from a cappuccino.  Beautiful blonde Pronto should probably have been born brown as it is the colour she tries to become almost every day.

One of her skills is to carry large mouthfuls of water to a dirt patch and deposit it on the dirt, returning over and over to make her very own mud pit.

Pronto is retired into a loving family home with children, other lagotto and cats 🙂


Pronto’s test results are below:


31.03.2011 – Parity A Litter – 2 puppies to Deelee Romarno

05.01.2012 – Parity B Litter – 6 puppies to Lapinlumon Diamante

Now retired 🙂