I will also be offering:

♥  Bath and blow dry from $30

♥  Bath, blow dry, nail clipping and a comb through from $50.

Perfect for young puppies to get used to the grooming process, or dogs that just need a freshen up between grooms.

  • Before your dog arrives, their coat is expected to be maintained in knot-free condition (able to comb through the whole coat from the skin to the end of the fur). If your dog’s coat has some knots, this will incur a matting fee due to the extra time required to gently comb them out. If I believe the coat is too matted to comfortably detangle, it will need to be clipped off short to the skin with a #10 blade (this may include the head if it is very matted).
  • Overgrown coats that are excessively long will also incur extra charges for full scissored grooming due to the extra time required. This will be discussed on drop-off.
  • Slight hiccups in behaviour may incur extra charges due to the extra time needed to groom your dog.
  • I’m happy to deal with young puppies that are unfamiliar with the grooming process, however their groom may not be perfect if they are very wriggly, and extra charges may apply if they require extra time.
  • I will unfortunately be unable to groom any dogs that bite or are extremely difficult to handle, as they pose a risk to my safety. If your dog shows these behaviours he will need to be picked up and you will receive a refund for any services not completed.